Hi, I’m Jocelyn! I’m not a sister or a nun. You won’t see any halo over my head. But I trust that God can turn even the worst of sinners into saints. And despite my weaknesses, I must trust in His Infinite Mercy and Love.

I used to be an auditor, but I have always felt called to be a writer. It has been more than ten years since I became a full-time writer. During those years, I have set up and maintained my websites, published more than 15 books and developed various religious apps (e.g. God’s Promises and Catholic Answers & Apologetics).

When I’m not busy reading or writing, I spend time with my loving family. We enjoy cooking, eating and watching Korean dramas and movies.

Being an introvert, I’m also fond of listening to music and composing songs. I enjoy moments of solitude such as walking along the beach at sunset or gazing at the sky on a starlit night.

I may be single, but I am not alone. Jesus has always been with me and I could never find a love greater than His. Let me share with you a part of my story as you subscribe to Single Catholic Writer.

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We need not be alone in our journey. I hope we can work together as fellow confidant and prayer partners.

Please support me by subscribing and/or by praying for me. Thank you and God bless you!

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Check out my books “Defending My Catholic Faith”, “Questions to God”, “Mend My Broken Heart”, “Of Waves and Butterflies: Poems on Grief,” “To Love an Invisible God” and “366 Days of Compassion”.

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Jocelyn Soriano

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