Hello Jocelyn! Just happened (no coincidences in life) across your site and it speaks very loudly to myself; a;so a lifetime single. In your membership options it states that if you have a paid membership that one can write to yourself and have you as a confidant. I am interested in that. Is that done by email or by what other means/

Thank you, kindly and many blessings upon you in your efforts to inspire,


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Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I often struggle with the idea that

people are happier when married.

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Great post. I’m new to Substack. Your setup is incredible. I’d love to pick your brain about how to develop my page. I’m guessing you own a domain and you merged your website with your Substack. If you’re interested in helping me, my email address is merechristianradio@gmail.com. ✌️

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