Sitemap - 2021 - The Diary of a Single Catholic Writer

Day 366 - To Begin Again

Day 364 - A Second Chance

Day 361 - He Lived Among Us

I Miss the Happy Endings

Day 360 - The First Christmas

Day 359 - God Is With Us

Why Didn't God Make Me Richer?

Day 358 - Never Too Old For Christmas

Why Can't God Show Hell To Everyone?

The Perplexing Role of Emotion in Our Spiritual Life

8 Catholic Devotions That Can Help You Get to Heaven

Sometimes, We Need to Hear That We Have Been Forgiven

Day 32 - Accepting Imperfections

The Many Reasons Why I Believe There Is a God

The Prophecy of Simeon

The Mystery and Power of God’s Healing

What Are You Looking For?

Day 30 - The Same Wounds

Why Believing In God Means Surrendering To His Mystery

Why Anger Has Its Place

Why Do Catholics Believe in Purgatory?

The Time I Doubted the Immortality of the Soul

In the Most Desperate of Times When There Seems to Be No Hope, Just Live

When God Speaks

After Everything, Can You Still Believe That the Best Is Yet to Come?

Let God Heal You

Three Wounds That Draw Us Closer To Jesus

Day 27 - The Miracle of Faith

Inspirational Quotes for the Suffering

Have You Ever Experienced the True Power of Prayer?

Why Must Jesus Die to Save Us?

5 Things That Could Utterly Change Your Life

Is God Responsible for the Creation of the Universe?

Is There Fate or Free Will in This Awesome Universe God Has Made?

Rise Above Your Fears With Overwhelming Grace

When You Feel Burdened with Guilt and Shame

What Do We Need to See with Spiritual Eyes?

When There Is No Answer to Your Prayer

Love Receives Gladly

When Love Is Painful and Life Is Difficult, There Is Still a Beauty That Never Fades

Believing in God Doesn’t Mean You’ll Never Feel Alone

I Have This Huge Hole In My Heart

What Wonder Woman 1984 Can Teach Us About Letting Go

Truth Is Not as Complicated as We Imagine It to Be

When You Try to Understand Religion Through the Lens of Love

To Endure the Present We Must Look at Eternity

Why Must Jesus Cry?

What the Smell of Grass Reminds Me Of

God’s Protection

Is Religion a Crutch for the Weak?

Three Things That Can Alleviate Our Suffering

When You Feel Like Giving Up

Is Happiness a Choice?

You Can Have a Deeper Kind of Happiness

What Would You Write To Your Younger Self?

Day 23 - Quiet Days

Trying to Find the Next Step

Will Your Best Ever Be Enough?

Day 22 - Found By God

Are You Curious About the New Name God Will Give You In Heaven?

Day 21 - Touching His Wounds

The Kind of Love We Often Take For Granted

Day 20 - On Gentleness

Why I Could Identify With the Woman at the Well

Day 19 - A Greater Joy!

The Kind of Silence I Could Almost Hear

Day 18 - Give Me Eyes to See

Those Things I’ve Been Missing Ever Since the Pandemic

Day 17 - When God Looks at You

When You Think Heaven Is Too Far Away

Day 16 - Night Shall Pass

To Be Loved As You Truly Are

Day 15 - Where Is God?

Inspiring Bible Psalms for Daily Reading

Why Can’t We Receive God’s Blessings?

Day 14 - A Sacrifice of Love

Have You Ever Felt Afraid of God?

Day 13 - Broken People

The Secret to God’s Blessings Is to Receive Them With Empty Hands

Day 12 - When Dreams Fade

Why Do We Say That Love Is Patient?

Day 11 - When You Get Tired

Are You Too Busy to Be Kind?

Day 10 - The Love We Give

God Is Our Happiness

Day 9 - The Birth of Joy

Why Can’t We Always Feel God's Love?

Day 8 - Someday We'd Understand

What Do You Do When Evil Men Succeed?

How Do You Move On?

Some of the Most Important Lessons I've Learned in Life

Day 6 - I See Your Beauty

The Darker the Night, the Greater the Faith We Must Have in the Morning

Why Does God Hide His Face Away From Us?

Day 5 - A Time to Hide

What the Book “A Walk to Remember” Taught Me About Falling in Love With God

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Day 4 - Grace For Today

My Personal Reflections on the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary

Day 3 - Glimpses of Love

How I Found Hope for Each New Day

Day 2 - Never Give Up

Do You Have a Long Distance Relationship with God?

Day 1 - Stay

With Whom Do You Walk in This Valley of Tears?

Would You Sell Your Inheritance for a Bowl of Soup?

God Longs To Heal Your Broken Heart

Why Do We Seek for Love in All the Wrong Places?

Does God Want Me to Believe in My Dreams Again?

How to Minimize Stress Using this Simple Spiritual Solution

Sometimes You Just Have to Forgive

Let's Start the New Year by Letting Go of Our Burdens and Resting in the Love of Jesus

Why Stillness Must Come Before Healing