Sitemap - 2022 - The Diary of a Single Catholic Writer

To Hope, to Endure and to Believe That the Best Is yet to Come

How Do You Take Away All the Sins of the World?

What If You're Not Happy On Christmas Day?

Are You Happy With Your Life?

A Brief Reflection on “A Christmas Carol”

Shine Your Light!

Why Did Jesus Rebuke the Pharisees and Sadducees More Than the Other Sinners?

Light in the Dark Night of the World

What's It Like To Bake Your Last Piece of Bread?

Why Do You Outgrow Some Relationships?

This One Word Drives LGBTQ People Away From the Church

5 Personal Suggestions for Catholic Priests

Please Don't Say "Universe" When You're Referring to "God"

Have You Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Fly?

How Singles Can Find a Glimpse of Heaven Even In This Life

Will Our Yearning For Love Ever Go Away?

Why Didn’t God Make This World More Beautiful?

Has the World Lost the Sense of the Sacred?

Who Is Holier on Social Media?

Why We Should All Love With a Single Heart

How Could One Man Bear All the Sorrows of the World?

Finding the Inspiration To Continue Writing

Are We Living in an Age of Hopelessness?

When Religious People Break Your Heart

When It Seems So Hard To Wait!

366 Days of Compassion: A Daily Devotional Book

Why I Like Fantasy Stories

I Can't Tell You Why

If Life Is a Journey, What Do You Bring With You?

What Does Abortion Do to the Soul of the Mother?

In Memory of an Unborn Child

A Letter to a Child

What Does It Mean To Seek God’s Kingdom First?

Why People Have The Wrong Idea About Sin

When People Criticize the Good Things That You Do

Common Catholic Prayers - Free eBook

Will I See God’s Goodness in the Land of the Living?

Before You Fall In Love Again

After the World Walks Away, Will God Truly Be Enough?

God's Love Is a Personal Thing

For the People Who Find It Hard To Walk Away

What Would Mother Angelica Say About the World We’re Living in Today?

How To Be Attractive in a World That Hates To Be Chaste

Unbreakable Thread

How Do You Make People Realize the Value of a Human Life?

The Biggest Regret You Could Ever Have

Will You Choose to Escape or Will You Choose to Love More?

Grief, Artificial Intelligence and Our Eternal Hope

If God Loves Me, Why Did He Make Me This Way?

What Are The Signs You’re Expecting Too Much From People?

Have We Forgotten The Spiritual Battle Going On?

When the Love of Many Grows Cold

Giving And Receiving Forgiveness

And When the World Becomes Weary of Evil

Free Will, Predestination and the Greatest Story Ever To Unfold

Why Did Peter Ever Ask Jesus To Let Him Walk on the Waters With Him?

How Do You Fill the Internet With Love?

Do Our Prayers Really Help Other People?

Why Is Mother Teresa Being Hated in the World Today?

Is Every Person Automatically Considered a Child of God?

5 of Mother Angelica’s Sassiest Quotes and What They Taught Me

Prayers for a Broken Heart

When We Can’t Choose the Crosses We Must Bear

Can You Recognize Jesus When He is in Disguise?

Can We Also Touch The Body of Jesus?

When Social Media Causes You To Hate

Whenever You Start To Feel That You’re Alone

10 Things I Won’t Forget After Listening to People’s Problems for 7 Years

More Adorable and Inspiring Instagram Finds

When Your Loved One is Sick

The Healing Power of Music

When You Need to Take Those Painful Steps

Where Do You Find Joy When Your Heart Is Burdened With Sorrow?

The Simple Secret to Double Your Joy

When a Party Is the Loneliest Place You Can Be

Some Adorable and Religious Instagram Finds

Being Single as a Vocation to Love

My eBook “Single People Can Be Happy, Too!”

How Does God Really See Me?

Why Did Peter Deny Jesus Three Times?

Day 29 - Forget Not To Be Human

What a Troubled World Can Learn From Children

What I've Never Realized About the Faith of the Repentant Thief

Can We Let God Be Angry For Us?

Why Do We Ask and Not Receive?

Turning a Song into a Prayer

To Love Is to Risk Being Hurt

Would You Like to Become a Friend of God?

Dear Jesus, What's Your Face Really Like?

Would I Be Happier as a Single Person?

Can You Stay With the Bleeding Heart of Jesus?


Don't Take Away My Hope For Heaven

Maybe We’re Unhappy Because We’re Not Loving the Right Way

When You Possess a Different Kind Courage

The Most Touching Words I've Always Wanted to Hear

Why the Justice of God Is Our Comfort and Consolation

Follow Your Heart, but Make Sure It’s in the Right Place

Day 325 - God’s Mercy Is For You

Have You Had Your Glimpse of Heaven Today?

Will God Hide Himself From the World?

Using an Hourglass to Help You Pray

God’s Tenderness and Our Blessed Hope

With Mary on New Year’s Day