Sitemap - 2020 - The Diary of a Single Catholic Writer

Does the World Even Know What It Means to Be Kind?

Why Not Believe In God?

When Being Loved Is Not Enough

There Is Something We Should Look Forward To

Don’t You Think You’ve Seen an Angel Today?

Did I Have an Encounter with an Angel?

Will God Ever Break Your Heart?

How Do You Fight Evil in the World Today?

When Your Heart Breaks, You Can Count on God to Heal You

Why Love Is Not About Being Useful

Sometimes Grief is Like a Wave, and Healing is Like a Butterfly

How Do You Believe When You're Suffocating In The Dark?

Bible Quotes on Healing

Where I’d Be Without My God

What It Means To Walk With God

Times Like These, We Need To Fix Our Gaze Upon Heaven

Catching a Glimpse of Heaven Through The Works of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien

When Uncertain Times Call for Unwavering Faith

I Hope You Find Strength In The Midst of Your Troubles

When Terrible Things Happen In The World

When God Wants Me To Love Him In Another Way

I Am Single, But I Am Happy and I Am Not Alone

Can You Be Single and Happy?

Is It Possible to Love the Unlovable?

I Want to Tell You About My Fears

What If You Could Actually Have the Heart of Jesus?

What Is God Doing in Times When He Is Silent?

When Orphans Cry Out to Heaven

The Pope's Message to the World

A Prayer For Those Who Seek Refuge in God

Let's Pray for Safety and Healing Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

Hope in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic

A Poem of Love and Longing

Go On, You Pure of Heart

Where Is Joy When You Think It's Far Away?

How Do You Avoid the Worst Feeling a Person Could Ever Have?

Why Faith in God is Not Like Shopping

When You Can't Feel that You Have Faith

My Anger Comes From a Place of Fear

The Only Remedy to My Sinful Anger

Have You Ever Felt Like You’re a Vampire?

Why You're More Similar to a Vampire Than You Could Possibly Imagine

Why Do We Find It Difficult to Trust in God?

Have You Ever Wanted to Ask God a Question?

How Do You Know If You Love God?

How Do I Know God Loves Me When I Can’t Even See His Face?

The Kind of Love That Heals

Why You Have the Right to Feel Hurt and Angry

Why Love Isn't Always Sweet

Let Me Tell You When I Had a Glimpse of Heaven

Sometimes, It’s Just Too Much

Has God Forgotten You?

When Your Soul Thirsts for Spiritual Water

How Do You Reconcile God’s Infinite Love and the Existence of a Frightening Hell?

If God is Loving, How Could He Allow So Much Suffering?

When you feel that your burdens are just too heavy to bear

Where is God When I Cry Out in Pain?

Who Is to Judge?

Today, I am sending you my prayers

How Forgiveness Can Lead the Way to Healing and Freedom

Why Decide to Forgive and Let Go?

How Do We Rely on God’s Promise to Provide for Our Needs?

A Different Approach to Healing Your Self-Esteem

Why Should I Turn the Other Cheek?

Why We Need More Than Kindness

Renewal of My Consecration to Mary